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Not sure which appointment type is right for you? Please review the following list of brief descriptions.

For New Clients

New Client Chiropractic Evaluation

For New Clients with a history of mild to moderate spinal issues or just seeking spinal wellness care~90 minutes, $235

New Client-PLUS Chiropractic Evaluation

For New Clients experiencing severe pain, recent injury, and/or problems with any extremity (Shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.)  ~105 minutes, $255

Need X-Rays for Dr. Blanchard or another Chiropractor?

Upper Cervical Series

A total of four X-Rays that visualize the upper cervical spine from three directions.  These are critical in calculating the directionality of the appropriate forces required to correct the alignment and biomechanics of the upper cervical vertebrae.  $120

Additional Spinal and/or Extremity Series

$40 per Directional View

**All X-Rays are taken using state-of-the-art equipment that yield ultra-high-resolution digital images.**

For Existing Clients

Proactive Session

This is a comprehensive spinal adjustment session which involves making Continued Improvements in Upper Cervical Stability while Expanding Attention to Other Problematic Areas of the Spine and Pelvis.  ~30 minutes/Session, $75

Proactive-PLUS Session

This is a Proactive Session PLUS additional focus to any one extremity complaint (For example: shoulder, knee, ankle, etc.)   ~35 minutes/Session, $85

These prices are subject to change without notice.

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