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Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical "Specific" Chiropractic is a specialized application of chiropractic to the Atlas vertebra.

The "Atlas" vertebra gets its name from the mythical character who was burdened to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Much like this, located at the base of the skull, this ring-like bone, along with the Axis vertebra below, balances the weight of our"worlds" and accounts for most of our head's range of motion.  Known as the "upper cervical spine", these vertebrae represent the gateway between the brain and the body.  They also help to protect the brain stem and spinal cord, making them critical to our health overall.

The upper cervical spine's design and remarkable biomechanical function allows us to move our head in many directions; the Atlas acts like a reverse ball bearing between the Occiput above the and the Axis Vertebra below.  

The Axis Vertebra also acts like a pivot around which the Atlas can turn.  The whole time, the brain stem sits in the middle of all the action.

Although very dynamic it its motion, the upper cervical spine is the most unstable and, therefore, the most vulnerable part of our body; the "weakest link"!

Upper Cervical Subluxation

Physical trauma, heavy labor or recreation, or even simple everyday activities such as sleeping in improper positions may cause the atlas to lose its proper alignment, altering its biomechanics and irritating the vital nervous system it protects.  This condition is known as an "Upper Cervical Subluxation".

Upper Cervical Subluxations may lead to painful postural changes, headaches, lack of energy, and a variety of other health conditions seemingly unrelated to the spine.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Just like our fingerprints, each of our upper cervical spines are unique.  As a result, each person's atlas will misalign in a unique direction following injury.  Because of this, Upper Cervical Care involves first figuring out exactly how the upper cervical spine has lost its alignment.  This involves taking high-resolution digital X-Rays of the head and neck from three points of view.  Only then may we apply specific corrections which are tailor-made to each client's unique misalignment in order to restore biomechanical function.

Applying these corrections as needed over time stabilizes and restores normal motion to the upper cervical spine bringing balance and optimum function to both the spine and nervous system as a whole.  Since your spine and nervous system are the foundation for your health, Upper Cervical Care is the key to unlocking your true health potential!

Infrared Thermography is critical to Upper Cervical Care!

Specific Chiropractic: Your Key to Unlocking Sustainable Healing

Are you tired of seeing minimal improvements in your symptoms? Do you want to explore a holistic way to heal and recover from debilitating disorders like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and migraine attacks? If you are, then this might be an excellent time to explore Specific Chiropractic Care. Essentially, this natural remedy aims to fix your head and spine alignment to eliminate interference, speed up tissue healing, and ease muscle stiffness. 

Specific Chiropractic: How it Works

Specific Chiropractic offers lasting relief for various conditions that stem from nerve damage and malfunction. It aims to fix even the most minor changes in your vertebral bones because of poor posture, overextension of the neck, and head trauma. It is also helpful in helping older people who suffer from degenerative disc diseases that compromise their spinal structure.

Like other chiropractic methods, Specific Chiropractic’s effectiveness hinges on the accuracy and preciseness of the spinal bone adjustments provided. That’s why, in addition to retracing your medical history, Dr. David Vazquez, B.S., D.C. performs the following assessment:

  • Physical examination – To check for stiffness, especially on the neck and back  
  • Three-dimensional X-ray scan of the spine – To obtain the exact measurements of your vertebral subluxation and find the crucial points that need adjustment
  • Paraspinal thermography – To map the nerves and blood vessels affected by the subluxation and gauge the potential damage 

Your Posture Matters in Maintaining Your Health

Can you remember the last time you paid attention to your posture? Besides helping you with your self-esteem, your body posture also happens to help maintain good health. That’s because the slightest change to your spine’s natural curvature can leave your spinal cord, brainstem, and nerve roots at risk of getting compressed or irritated. When that happens, a series of problems may develop, including: 

  • Interrupted signal transmission between the CNS and the body
  • Tension buildup in the neck, shoulder, and back muscles and joints
  • Tilting of the head in the wrong direction
  • Increased sensitivity to pain stimuli and sensory signals (sounds, scents, visual cues, etc.)

Postural imbalances can also lead to nerve damage, potentially leading to long-term problems like muscle wasting, numbness, and paresthesia.

In most cases, postural problems arise from poor practices like placing your phone between your neck and head and slouching. However, it can also stem from degenerative disc diseases and severe neck and head trauma. 

If you think something’s wrong with your spinal curvature or experience common signs of subluxation, such as chronic neck pain, we suggest visiting our practice. We can provide you with a comprehensive Specific Chiropractic consultation to determine if your condition stems from a spinal structure abnormality. 

Common Questions of Patients Seeking Specific Chiropractic Care

Now that you have a better grasp of your posture’s significance in preventing health mishaps, you might be on the verge of deciding whether to try Specific Chiropractic Care or not. Let’s help you make a sound judgment by answering every possible question you might have about Specific Chiropractic Care. 

I had my neck and spine scanned several times. Why do I still need additional X-ray tests? 

Many patients seeking our help for the first time ask us why they need to undergo additional X-ray tests. After all, most of them have gone through a similar diagnostic procedure because of the other remedies they tried. 

So why do you need separate X-ray scans? The answer lies in the specificity of the process. Instead of using two-dimensional analysis, we perform 3D scans to understand your spine’s structure better.  

What’s the significance of checking for leg length discrepancies?

Unlevelled lower and upper extremities are apparent signs of a compromised spine.  So during your first visit, you can expect us to check for discrepancies in your gait and leg and arm length. 

How does paraspinal thermography work?

Paraspinal thermography scans the nerve and blood vessels under the skin. It helps us pinpoint areas with increased heat signatures – a usual sign of nerve compression or blood vessel constriction.  

What can I expect from a Specific Chiropractic Adjustment?

Fear is one of the many reasons people aren’t keen on trying Specific Chiropractic Care. Many assume that a specific chiropractor's neck and spine maneuvers can cause further problems. In truth, the process is simple, painless, and highly precise.  

As healthcare professionals specializing in fixing postural problems, we understand the vital role of the spine in maintaining your well-being. More importantly, we know how sensitive the spinal column is and how the slightest trauma can lead to massive problems. 

How often do I need to receive spinal adjustments? 

Knowing how long you need to undergo the procedure largely depends on your spine’s structure plus your pre-existing health concerns. Your lifestyle choices and the quality of your post-procedure care might also contribute to your recovery journey. You might find it helpful to talk to Dr. David Vazquez, B.S., D.C. to know what you should expect from your procedure.  

Don’t Take Your Spinal Alignment for Granted!

Do you suspect having vertebral subluxation? Are you keen on exploring a new and holistic way to address health concerns like migraines and vertigo? We at truHealth Specific Chiropractic Studio can help! 

Our specific chiropractor, Dr. David Vazquez, B.S., D.C., has worked with hundreds of patients. Young or old, you can find lasting relief once you ease your spinal bones back to their original positions. Feel free to drop by our practice for a quick consultation. We would love for you to undergo our diagnostic procedures to determine if your problems stem from spinal misalignments. 

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